Digital Design

From concept sketch to final digital product, this page showcases my skills in Digital Design products. I can create, marketing campaigns, business logos, digital art, and render product representations. Below you will see many sample projects in different forms.


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Perspective 10 Global Studios® is a startup production company. This logo was made as a sample of what the final marketing label could be.


Zeike (Zay-Ee-Kay) Clothing Company is a fictional clothing brand for purposes of sample branding. I wanted to attempt a fashion tag to showcase how Japanese inspired brand design can be integrated with my work. The best equivalent meaning of Zeike would be “Engage!”


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Titan Motors is a Tesla Motors inspired sample badge. I was looking to create a brand image for the motor industry. This is complete with custom typeface and colors. The badge was created using Adobe Illustrator, colors added using Photoshop and AfterEffects.


FreeReekMedia color 1 MS

Free Reek is a concept T-shirt and digital art design used to demonstrate my productivity in Sketch Pro. Shillutte was originally a digital sketch, drawn by hand and painted in Sketch Pro. The typography was created in Adobe Illustrator and the lighting effects were added using PhotoShop.


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GENKI (GINN-Key) ENERGY is a mockup for an energy drink inspired by SOBE™ Genki means “good health” in Japanese. I created the graffiti calligraphy effect in PhotoShop by layering colors. The gecko mascot and typeface was created in Illustrator. Lastly, the can render effect was created in AfterEffects to render a 3D model of a sample product. 


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DP TRAX or (David Prince Tracks) is a logo design for a local music producer located in Indianapolis.  The Rams head, typography, and horns were drawn in Illustrator. In the “Diamond Stud” example, each stud was placed individually. The global background was enhanced using Photoshop but is not my original work. (A Ram was decided because of the client’s zodiac sign.)


Lighthouse Shape Render3Lighthouse Logo 2-5

LIGHTHOUSE PICTURES is an example of reworking an idea for the better. The first example has the initial vision set. But, in the second example, the feature displays the idea easier and clearer. The lens flair effect, added in Photoshop, is not overpowering and the light beam is simple and concise. The silhouette of the lighthouse was created in Adobe Illustrator and the typeface was colored in Photoshop.

H.T.X. “Home Theater Xperts Inc.”

HTX Logo Final LF

Home Theater Xperts is a local business located in Chicago, IL. This is an example of a business card or billboard Ad. The Artwork and typeface are meant to evoke a sense of elegance and high quality but also showcase clarity. This is why the letterhead logo is simple. The colored ink artwork and lens flare effect were created in Photoshop and the typography was created in Illustrator. The black background effect behind the lettering was created using transparent lettering over black cards.


MASHBOX is a “Loot Crate©” inspired subscription service that delivers video game memorabilia to its customers. (The trademark is held by The Salvant Group and will possibly become a product in the future.) The logo is meant to simulate comic and video game elements while remaining simplistic. Each iteration of the logo added in “crush” effects color and shading. The fist was draw in Illustrator and background and colors were added in Photoshop.


ARCHANGEL Typography and black wing created in Illustrator

High-resolution sword and shield hand drawn in illustrator. Then colored in Photoshop and resized to fit full logo.


Archangel Logo

Final completed logo


ARCHANGEL (ARK-ANGEL) SECURITY SOLUTIONS is a home security company. it is a subsidiary of H.T.X. Inc, Located in Chicago, IL. Notice how the digital work is balanced on both sides of the composition. The imposed sword and shield on the left side was originally hand-drawn and imported into Adobe Illustration. This displays the attention to detail that I put into all my work.


SPARKS AUTO PARTS is an auto parts retailer located on Chicago’s east side. The vector drawing of the car in the background is a Lamborghini Aventador that was drawn in Adobe Illustrator. The custom typeface was also composed in Illustrator. Final colors and gradient backdrop were added using Photoshop. 



Center Pointe Church is a Christian church establishment located in Plainfield, IL. This is a new letterhead and banner logo. The green points in the background is the composition of a separated star. The shimmer and shine effect was added using Photoshop.


Overcoming Odds Collage blur

Overcoming Odds Inc is a non-profit organization with the mission to spread awareness about adoptees and the misfortunes of the adoption process. I have worked extensively with the CEO and President Oleg Lougheed to create a marketing package including; banners, logos, business cards, and flyers for a social media campaign and other events.

Business Card Design


Podcast Flyer

Podcast Cover (Flyer)

Logo Design for Banners and T-shirts

Scrub Gaming Network

Logo Wallpaper

I have been onboard as a writer for the Scrub Gaming Network or SGN. The following is some work that I have done in the area of Digital Design


Event Flyer (Front)

Scrubgaming flyer (front)

Event Flyer – The President and Founder “KeenStrife” Reached out to me in regard to designing a Flyer for a convention coming up in August. I needed to make sure that the material capitalized on the little space for a flyer while summing up everything about SGN.

Event Flyer (Back)

Scrubgaming flyer (back)

Fashion Design Logo

Hashimoto Onari Designs

I was tasked with naming and designing a logo for a client. The information that I was given was as follows; “The final logo must be elegant and convey a sense of high fashion. It needs to look professional and clean. Also use my name, (Onari) meaning lightning in Japanese in the title.” With that task in mind, I set out to brainstorm ideas for both the name of the company and the overall composition of the design.

My Initial thought was to use the infinity symbol in some way to convey a simplistic Idea.



Here are a few typography’s that I used to design the logo:


H.O.D. – Hashimoto Onari Designs


O.G.D. – Onari Gaines Design

Onari Design black transparentOnari Design Black and White

This is one of the final designs I submitted to the client. The Kanji on the left is written for Hashimoto. The Client’s inherited Surname. The overall composition is to convey a sense of flow and simplicity. The design was done in Photoshop and uses an afterglow effect on the Kanji.

OG Fashion Black and White Transparent

This is the secondary design that I submitted to the client as well. It has the same principle as the last. To convey a sense of simplicity and flow. This would look nice on a tag. The hiragana on the left above the “O” says Onari. The Kanji on the right embedded in the letter “G” says, Hashimoto. The Overall Logo says OG Fashion or Onari Gaines Fashion.


White Fox Clothing Co.

Typography Examples

White Fox Clothing Co. is an online retailer of clothing and branded items. The client offered a name change to White Fox Clothing Co. and needed an updated Design to reflect the name change.

Final Designs