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Why We’re All Excited about the Metro Exodus Announcement

Probably the most anticipated announcement is the unveiling of Microsoft’s new Xbox One X. It is the latest in the Xbox One family and with it, Microsoft is promising native 4k gameplay and a whole slew of great spec improvements over the previous models. However, this is not why we’re excited. Along with many other announcements, Microsoft has also teased the release of Metro Exodus. So without further delay here are 5 reasons why we are all excited for Metro Exodus.


The Xbox ONE X: The Console that Should’ve been a PC

With E3 2017 all wrapped up, we can all agree that we’re pretty excited about a lot of the amazing announcements. Undoubtedly, Microsoft showed up ready to party with some of the biggest announcements so far. However, this is not all taken in high stride. The Xbox One X, formally know as “Project Scorpio” was finally unveiled. Many of us received the answers we were all waiting on. Is it truly worth the wait? Better yet, is it worth the price?

anthem.jpgAnthem: A Destiny 2 Killer?

BioWare, the father of great games like the Mass Effect Series, has announced one of the most exciting Sci-Fi titles of 2018. With the date finally confirmed, however, will it be able to take a bite out of the long-awaited Destiny 2? Here’s an inside look to find out.


Top 10 Places to Have a “Work-Cation” (WatchMojo.com)

Many of us dream of taking that Ideal vacation. Thanks to the internet many of us can pair business with a little pleasure.

(This article is to be posted on WatchMojo.com. Unfortunately, the publishing rate is about 9-14 weeks.)


The Top 5 Signs You’re Anti-Nintendo (WatchMojo.com)

Not impervious to criticism or hate, Nintendo has fans and anti-fans across the globe.

WatchMojo.com (Script)


In the battle of the video cards, AMD hopes to be in the minds of the consumer with the combination of the right price and powerful performance. The latest in the release of Radeon cards is the RX480, promising better performance than the likes of its predecessor the RX480 and to go head to head against NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1060.”



With the one year anniversary of Overwatch coming up fast, one begins to wonder; “Is Overwatch still a relevant video game title for 2017?” Blizzard Entertainment seems to think so, boasting over 25 million players worldwide according to pcgamesn.com. Blizzard is actively marketing Overwatch as a multiplayer service rather than that of a traditional video-game title.


“Resident Evil or Biohazard (in Japan) is back again after a five-year hiatus for a new survival-horror adventure. After the poor reception of the latest Resident Evil titles, Capcom decided to go a new direction for the IP. Dropping more of the action-based elements in favor for a more traditional survival-horror elements Resident Evil 7 (RE7) has a new style and feel.”



“There are over 200 million motorcycles in use worldwide. In the USA alone there are more than 8 million registered motorcycles. As gas prices and traffic numbers continue to rise, so has the popularity of motorcycles. This guide will give you the basics for your first motorcycle purchase and ownership.”


“In a world saturated with online shopping, finding that perfect gift that is creative and fun can be difficult. Amazon.com offers a gift section, however, you may find that the gifts lack creativity and don’t have that surprise factor that we all love about getting that perfect gift. These 5 websites offer cool gifts that are sure to stir confusion and draw a smile. Let the gift giving begin!”